Call for Nominations

September 2023: We are seeking nominations for open positions in the Optica Fall Vision Meeting Planning Committee. The committee consists of ten members: Committee Chair, Committee Chair-Elect, and topical Chairs and Chairs-Elect who represent each of Optica’s four color and vision technical groups: Applications of Visual Science, Clinical Vision Sciences, Color, and Vision. The current Optica Fall Vision Meeting Planning Committee membership is listed on this page, along with esteemed members of our community who have served in past years.

Serving on the committee is an excellent way to build your professional network, develop conference organizing skills, and to serve the international vision research community. Members can expect to spend several hours each month working on meeting-related business. It’s also very fun, we promise!

Normally the term for chair-elect is 2 years with the expectation that the chair-elect will move into the chair position for another 2 years, with a total commitment of 4 years.

The following positions have openings starting in January 2024, with a commitment of 4 years (terms ending in December 2027):

Virtual meetings occur approximately once each month, and more frequently in the weeks before the Fall Vision Meeting, and regular attendance is expected. Much of the organizational work is conducted using Slack, Google Docs, and Zoom. Proficiency (actual or potential) with these tools is important, especially for the Committee chair-elect.  Attendance at the Fall Vision Meeting is expected as well. 

Voting will occur during the business meeting of the 2023 Meeting. It is not required that you be present at this meeting.

If you would like to put your name forward for consideration, please make a copy of this template slide, enter your information, and forward a file or a link to with the subject line “Fall Vision Meeting Planning Committee Nomination”. PowerPoint, PDF, and the native Google Slides formats are acceptable.

Please send your nomination by Thursday Oct 5 (late nominations will be accepted if you're present at the meeting and find yourself feeling inspired to join us).